Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“I want to thank you for the outstanding work you do.

We have truly witnessed our daughter thrive since we moved her to Zeeba from her pervious setting. We were dreading the move, but you exceeded our expectations on every level when it comes to our daughters personal development and building her confidence. We feel you listen to her, take note of her needs and truly celebrate who she is instead of trying to shame her for typical toddler behaviours such as the struggle of learning to share.

The previous setting we used was our very first nursery and we didn’t have a benchmark for comparison, but now we think that moving to you had been the greatest blessing for her. We find Zeeba much cleaner, the standard of hygiene is far superior and really appreciate how clean she is kept at all times.

In Zeeba you truly worked with our daughter on the areas we asked you to; as we are confusing her with three languages, it is a challenge to get her speaking up to the level of her peers. She truly started to speak since she is with you. We also always struggled to develop her passion for books. She has started to show interested since you have been working on her reading skills with her.

Thank you so much for the outstanding work you do! We have missed you so much during the lockdown, it’s been very tough on us who carried on working from the home office, trying to balance meetings and emails with being a parent. We feel that both areas of life got neglected and our heart was often split to try and do all. A mission impossible.

We are looking forward to our daughters return, as we know that she will be intellectually challenged and she will be stimulated with great arts and crafts sessions, she will learn about plants while gardening, she will be able to play and learn while she is kept safe by your lovely, caring staff.”

“We have been extremely happy with the way the staff looked after our son.  He loves spending time at Zeeba, learns tons, and has become truly attached to you lovely ladies and made good friends”

“We just love Zeeba!

An outstanding nursery providing brilliant care. Following extensive research and visits to three nurseries, Zeeba became the choice facility for our then 11-month-old daughter.  She’s now been there for just over two years. The very attentive staff and management, friendly environment, ethos, combined with Zeeba’s application of academia and sensory-based learning have enabled our daughter who has developmental delays to thrive. Through a personalised plan, engagement and consecutive effort by literally all staff she is reaching key milestones. Children engage in messy play but you’d never know, the nursery facilities are all so clean!

I highly recommend this nursery.”

Rumbi & Patrick Sena

“A big thank you to you all for all the care and love you have shown my son since he was 9 months old. We are grateful and he will surely miss you all. Special thanks to Miss Hodan, Miss Kirsty, and Miss Hope his key workers throughout his time at Zeeba.

Hope to see you all again sometime.”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all. My daughter started nearly a year ago and you have all made a big impact in her little life so far.

Your love, support and caring natures have truly shaped my daughter into a confident and independent 20 month old toddler.

I will miss coming through that door and I know my daughter will miss the fun she shared with you all.  You’re all amazing and I commend you all highly. Thank you for caring for my baby!”

“I would like to first thank you for having my daughter for the past few years. You have, over this time, exceeded my expectations and I can definitely see why the nursery is outstanding. My daughter has loved coming and always talks about how much care she received throughout the day.”

“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you all for all the care & kindness you’ve shown in looking after Ezra, since he started at 8 months. We’ve always been so happy with how he’s been looked after, and most importantly Ezra has always loved nursery! You’ve all played such a huge part in his development, and we’ll always be grateful for that. It has helped make him into the happy and confident boy & independent boy that he us. We’ll miss you all!!
Tyrone, Dupe and Ezra x

“Thank you so much for looking after our little girl. You have all helped her grow and learn. We are so proud of her. You all do a wonderful job and she will miss you very much.”

“Our daughter has developed so many skills, so much knowledge, and an abundance of positive behaviours.”

“Thank you so much for taking care of our daughter. She has learned so much and is more than ready for big school.  Thanks for a warm and nurturing environment.”

“Both my boys attended the nursery, my older one is in school now and the younger one will leave for reception in school in September.

The staff and management are amazing and are on the look out for your child 100%. Always there to listen when you have queries!!! They make the day exciting and fun! And give them all the skills for big school. I recommend it to everyone. Zeeba Royal Arsenal is great.”

Nadia K. Shamalirwa